Fantasy Box Monthly Box Review~Mindy
I highly recommend this product.
If you need some spice in your life or you’re relationship seems to be in a rut,Fantasy Box can/will change that if you use it correctly.
I absolutely LOVE the concept!
The first thing I noticed was the discreet packaging.No idea where it came from by reading the box!That’s a plus when you have kids or family in your home that may get to it before you!
Upon opening the box at first glance there’s a very cute pink and black box.LOVE IT!It has a magnetic  lid that flips over to cover the top of the box.
When opening the pink and black box there is a cardboard Insert with three cards on it.One that says “Leader”,one that says “Follower” and a welcome card.All three of these have instructions on the backs of them.On top of those there are two pamphlets.One that says “For Him and the other “For Her”.These pamphlets are like a questionnaire about your likes and dislikes.
Under the insert was a black blindfold,
Black lingerie(one piece that fastens behind the neck and is attached to stockings),a massage candle (smells great!),Sliquid organic lube,and a vibrator(has 3 amazing settings and batteries included,yay!)
This is the “classic” Fantasy box.There are others to choose from and you can subscribe to get them and receive them monthly or bi-monthly!!
I would highly recommend that you read over all information in your box before getting started so as to utilize every aspect of the box and its contents.I’d suggest making the experience like a date night to get the full experience.Get to know your spouse or significant other all over again.Rekindle your romance and put spice back in your life with Fantasy Box!!!!


Pure Romance Review! ~Mindy

Pure Romance

Pure Romance carries a variety of personal products and adult toys for your “private”life.I’m going to tell you about a few little samples that I received.
First they arrived in a plain brown box,inside was a pretty pink box.Inside there was a black drawstring sachet with a pink heart on it.And below I have listed what was inside,which are just a few of the things that Pure Romance has to offer.
Coochy Cream/conditioning shaving cream-This product is very silky and smooth and smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling very soft.
Hot Buttered Rum Warming Lube-like an oil/gel.It warms slightly and does taste like Buttered Rum!Yum!!
Vanilla Cupcake Creamy Lube-It is a creamy smooth lube and smells and tastes wonderful!!
Boost Flavored Enhancement Cream w/triple tingle mint-This has a minty scent and Flavor and a slight tingle.
Body Dew After Bath oil/body mist-This smells AMAZING!!!-You can use a little in your bath and even rub a little on after.Love this!!!
They also carry “Just like me”gel lube and many adult toys.

I had the honor of trying a Wonderful Antioxidant Berry Face Masque from Lady Soma
The Antioxidant Berry Masque is loaded with antioxidant berries and Vitamins A, C, and E. The masque allows for a detox facial treatment using the antioxidant power of blueberries and cranberries, which enhance cellular renewal and collagen production. The glycolic and alpha lipoic acids create a microdermabrasion-like effect that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal a fresh new layer.
The first thing I noticed about this masque was that it smells amazing and feels so nice on my skin,! It is made with REAL blueberry, cranberry, and pomegranate, and it definitely smells like fresh fruit…which makes for a very pleasant experience. The masque is thick and creamy, with little exfoliating seeds throughout.
I loved that I could really feel this product working. When it was on my face, I felt a slight tingle, which felt nice and rejuvenating. After 8 minutes, I rinsed the masque off, and I could immediately tell that my face felt so much softer. After using this product for 2weeks, I can tell that my skin is brighter and so smooth.
Lady Soma Antioxidant Berry Masque is a phenomenal product that I would recommend to ladies of any age!
Next I also received Lady Soma Hand and Nail Treatment., My hands can get so rough and dry and then the start to crack my cuticles would make a Nail Salon cry, after my first use I could see a change in my cuticles and my hands felt soft and supple, Ladies if you have problem with your cuticles I recommend that you try Lady Soma Hand and Nail Treatment.. Your hand and cuticles will thank you,
As a complimentary gift, I received Lady Mint Tingle Lip balm, I’m always licking my lips or biting them and they get quite chapped, with the Lady Mint Tingle my lips were kissable soft again,
Thank you Lady Soma for amazing products,
I was not compensated in any way for my review with the exception of free products to try, all views expressed are my own..

Nite Time Toys Review!

Buy Sex Nite Time Toys offers so many things for all of your “private” needs.Men,women and even couples can find something to spice up their “private” lives.

Ladies,Today I will tell you about the Wireless Venus Butterfly. It has a push button stimulator that is removable and completely wire free.It is waterproof for shower or tub time play and It goes on comfortably like a panty and holds the toy snug against your lady parts.It has removable straps that fit around the waste and thighs to hold it in just the right place.It fits well under clothes or completely naked. Don’t let its small size fool you.It has a very powerful vibration to bring maximum results. It also,as well as all Nite Time Toys,comes with batteries,so you can get started right away. (1AAA battery)Image


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